FALL 2023 TRAINING -August 14th to Nov 8th

Spring 2024 TRAINING -Jan 29th to  May 8th


Monday & Wednesday,

Mondays will focus more on individual technical training in Game Like environment.

Wednesdays will focus more on playing team shape and connection to 4v4 & 7v7.

5:30 PM – 6:45 PM

Henry Fork Pepsi Regional Soccer Complex,

Field #2 ; 5655 Sweet Bay Lane, Hickory NC 28602


$225 FULL Season Fall and Spring U7s Only

$550 FULL Season Fall and Spring U8/U9/U10

Need more information?  

Myron King-DOC


Phone: 309-807-7870

Only register here if you missed May assessments

Join the fun of CVYSA! 

Our Youth Academy is a stepping stone from recreational to competetive soccer. Players participating in our youth academy, should want to take soccer more seriously. 

The North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) has adopted an Academy style approach to soccer at these younger age groups. No competetive soccer is allowed in NC until the Under 11 age group.

Our program is offered for Boys and girls born in the following years 

2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014  (Under 7 to Under 10) can see what soccer fun is all about. Learn great skills from National Youth Licensed instructors in a non-competitive atmosphere.

The emphasis is on personal development, not winning games. This program is open to all skill levels and we encourage beginners!

Youth Academy and Junior Academy programs have emerged as a 21st century alternative to the frustrating shortfalls in soccer development displayed by most pre-teens. 

This void is heavily influenced by coaching quality and the pressures to win at critical periods in the development process. Academy programs seek to improve individual player development, satisfaction and retention, and to build a less pressured youth soccer environment for coaches, adult spectators, and match officials. 

Many of our instructors that run the CVYSA Youth Academy program have the National Youth License which is a coaching education certification focusing on age appropriate activities for children U6 to U12.



Each age group will follow a carefully crafted curriculum which will aid young players on their soccer journey. 
This curriculum has been designed by our DOC & Academy Director using some of the latest methods in developing young players. This will be presented in more detail at the Academy Parents meeting.

There is a clear progression from one age group to the next
In general Players will be trained in the four components of the game.

Technique, Tactics, Physical and Mental.

At this age group their is a heavy focus on developing technical skills. That is the players ability to do something with the ball in a tactical environment. Whilst incorporating mental and physical aspects of the game too.

Training Consists of age appropriate

Technical (skill) development of the player:
Dribbling and individual possession/Mastery of the ball
Passing – using 4 different parts of the foot inside, outside, laces & heal;
Receiving, and controlling air and ground balls with all parts of the body;
Finishing & ways to score a goal;
Defending skills of tackling/applying pressure. 

Handling, Crossing, Distribution, Communication, Introduction to diving

Defending – 1v1  up to 3v3 age-appropriate defending and skills involved; understanding first defender (pressure) & second defender (support) roles.
Transition-What to do when your team is transitioning from one phase of play to the next
Attacking – 1v1 & 3v3  attacking and skills involved; understanding first attacker (player with the ball) and second attacker (supporting players close to a teammate with ball) roles.

A positive approach to players. Building up their self worth and praising them for what they did well.

Running, sprinting, changing directing, flexibility, physical contact etc.

Each Training session will end with a scrimmage


Players are organized by Birth Year, Gender, and Ability level.

Players are trained in the four components of the game

Technique, Tactics, Physical & Mental

Our training is led by highly experienced and licensed instructors, who have many years of working with and developing young players.

There are a number of components to our Academy.

The focus is on individual development. Not team development.

Training-Players will train twice per week for 75 mins. They will receive age/ability appropriate instruction on soccer

Games-Players will play games on the weekend in the Fall and spring season. These are a festival style. No scores are kept. These games are typically double headers. They are normally at home or no more than one hour away. The Under 7s do no travel and play only at home.

Player Reports-Each participating player will receive a player report in the fall and in the spring. By the coach that works with them.


A very important part of the academy is our games. These are played in a festival format, meaning that no scores are kept. A simple way to look at it is that this is the test for the players. They have learned during the week and now have a chance to play in a game and show their ability to apply what was learned.

Players will typically play with the same players that they have trained with (there are some exceptions to this) . We aim to play games against opponents of similar ability (here to that is not always possible). 

Players will play on a team that plays 4v4 or 7v7 with build out lines and other modified laws of the game. We will cover this in more depth at our parent meeting.

Almost every game day there will be one or two games consisting of 2 x 25 minute halves. 

SPECIFIC GAME TIMES for each game date are generally not set until the Wednesday prior to the GAME DATE.

There is the possibility of rainouts.

NCYSA Youth Academy Showcase, CVYSA Autumn Blast & the Foothills Tournament are optional events, with additional fees.

Parent comments: Please refrain from telling the players what to do. Leave that for the coaches. Players Play, Coaches Coach, Parents Watch.

Under 7 Youth Academy Game: Their games will be in-house only. The children will play 4 vs.4.  The aim is to have 6 to 8 home events per season.

Under 8 to Under 10 Youth Academy Game: Their games will be at home and away. Typically no more than an hour away. We like to play double headers when we travel. We aim to have approx eight play dates. Four at home and four away

Give Coach 24 hours before discussing if it’s something concerning a match.