Hello all,

We realize that there are a lot of questions about Risk Management and Abuse Prevention Training.  Why do they have to do it?  How do you complete the application? Etc, etc….

With that in mind, we have created a “How To” tutorial that is suitable for you to either post on your website (the full PDF or just the link to it) or email to your coaches, managers, volunteers and anyone else that needs to complete a Risk Management application and/or complete Abuse Prevention Training. 

Please note…the tutorial mentions Abuse Prevention Training but does NOT give a step-by-step guidance through completing the AP training.

The PDF is attached to this email.

We have also posted this on the NCYSA website if you would rather send people a link:  http://bit.ly/2019RMTutorial

Or go to www.ncsoccer.org > Risk Management > TUTORIAL – Risk Management Application 2019

We hope this helps you in your efforts to get everyone registered for the 2019-20 seasonal year!

Wendy Burns
Risk Management & Renewals    
336-856-7529 x 223