Catawba Valley Youth Soccer Association is a volunteer-based organization.  Below are descriptions of many of the volunteer roles available to our members.

Send us an Email if you're interested in volunteering for one of these roles!

Team Manager

A Team Manager is an individual who is organized and detail oriented. Because of the need for communication, the person should have easy access to a computer and e-mail. Good communication with the team coach and the team families is key to this position.

Example of duties:

  1. Maintain team roster, set up team binder which includes medical release forms, player passes, and birth certificates. This binder and match reports are to be at each game-home & away.
  2. Work with club Registrar to get all team players registered with NCYSA.
  3. Work with team’s in their division to schedule games & locations (Classic Only).
  4. Register team for tournament(s) and Permission to Travel Request, if applicable.
  5. Distribute all game & tournament information (schedules, maps, hotels, etc).
  6. Check teams in at tournaments (usually the night before).
  7. Serve as contact person between players, coach and board members.
  8. Delegate and oversee any volunteer work (fund raising etc) for your team.
  9. Make any necessary phone calls/emails needed before games, tournaments etc.
  10. During games, have match reports completed, and submit to league .
  11. Work with the coach & field coordinator if game needs to be re-scheduled.
  12. Hold elections for team positions-such as a co-manager, fund-raising contact, phone call person, etc

Team Treasurer

The Team Treasurer is responsible to keep the account for the team. All dues are collected by the club so this is not the job of the Team Treasurer. He/she only gets involved if any players on the team have past due accounts. The club treasurer gives the referee fees that are needed for the season to the Team Treasurer. The Team Treasurer is responsible to pay the referees fees at each game. He/she determines the budget for any tournaments the team chooses to attend and collects the tournament fees from the players’ parents.

Team Reporter

The Team Reporter keeps the statistics at the games. He/she summarizes the game and e-mails this information to the Club Media Coordinator. This information (along with photos) is compiled and given to the local newspapers. The players love seeing their game results in the paper as well as photos of the team.

Team Representative

The Team Representative is an assistant to the Team Manager in that he/she represents the team at special meetings and coordinates delegation of duties to team parents. There are special functions in which CVYSA asks each team to be represented by one or two volunteers. It is the responsibility of the Team Rep to make sure these volunteer positions are filled.

Board Representative/Office Staff

CVYSA is governed by a Board of Directors. The board is made up of parents of team players. The board meets monthly to:

  1. Discuss club activities with the Director of Coaching.
  2. Review to the financial activity of the club and set club dues.
  3. Review and discuss requests from specific teams or players.
  4. Oversee fundraising activities.
  5. Attend committee meeting as required.

Head/Assistant Registrar

A club Registrar is an individual with good organizational skills with an eye for details. The Registrar assists in registering players with the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA). The following is an example of some of the duties of a registrar:

  1. Attend tryouts in May and November to help register players.
  2. Attend parent meetings to collect paperwork to form teams (usually held a couple of weeks after tryouts).
  3. Add players to a team – collect paperwork and fees, enforce NCYSA’s 5 day rule, verify player passes then obtain player’s signatures before authorizing player passes.
  4. Coordinate uniform numbers for team/age group to avoid duplication of number and submit to the Head Registrar.
  5. Obtain uniform report for Head Registrar to order uniforms as needed then assist in handing out the uniform to the player or team manager.
  6. Guest player roster forms to fill out and red stamp when teams are using guest players for a tournament.
  7. Verify all info in manager’s notebook (work roster/player pass/medical consent/ birth certificate) and then send in verification form for those teams playing in the State Cup or President’s Cup (Head Registrar only).
  8. Releasing players – form signed by parent & pass needed to turn in to NCYSA.

**Must attend the first registrar class in Greensboro to become certified and then update class once a year at satellite location (hopefully Hickory).

Scholarship Committee Chair

The Scholarship Chairperson is responsible with applying the rules for scholarships (as determined by the Board of Directors) to all scholarship applicants. This person must be experienced with Excel spreadsheets. They verify the information received and processed before sending out letters to the applicants. The privacy of all scholarship applicants is very important to the club so this position requires a person that is experienced in responsibilities of confidentiality.

Media Coordinator

The Media Coordinator is responsible to compile all CVYSA information that is to be distributed to the news media. Team Reporters with give game and tournament summaries to the coordinator that is compiled into one article each week. This information, along with any photos, is distributed to the local newspapers. All other announcements, such as tryout dates, will be distributed through the coordinator.


Fundraising is a key function in CVYSA. This allows us to offer scholarships to those players with financial needs as well as a way to keep our annual fees down. The fundraising committee works with the board of directors to create and run all fundraising activities. They process team requests for fund raisers and obtain all necessary information to submit to the board and upon approval, notify the team regarding approval/disapproval.