Monday & Wednesday; Mondays will focus more on training, Wednesdays will focus more on playing 3v3 or 4v4, after a group warm up.
4:45 to 5:30 PM
Henry Fork Pepsi Regional Soccer Complex, Field #2; 5655 Sweet Bay Lane, Hickory NC 28602

$110 – Includes:

State Registration

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Myron King-DOC


Phone: 309-807-7870


We will be offering a couple of summer sessions for Little Blasters-More details HERE

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Join the fun of CVYSA! Boys and girls age 3.5 to 6 can see what soccer fun is all about. Learn great skills from National Youth Licensed instructors in a non-competitive atmosphere. The emphasis is on personal development, not winning games. This program is open to all skill levels and we encourage beginners!

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: This is the introductory and exploratory stage for kids. Many of the children are meeting the ball (or toy), the game, and the practice environment for the first time. The most important considerations are fun, freedom to move, positive encouragement, trial and error, and a sense of sportsmanship. Let the players enjoy soccer on their terms, not ours. At this age, players will want to be near or at the ball (‘the beehive’). Working on motor skills such as, running, kicking, jumping, hopping, using/learning the different parts of the foot, and learning/understanding the parts of the body they can use in soccer. Fun, play, and becoming more comfortable with the ball (toy) are key parts of the Little Blasters. The “soccer coach” is an “Activity Leader”. Practices will be based on activities that are fun, and engaging and activities that focus on age-appropriate techniques.

Lil Blasters Knowledge
Kids at this age think, “Where the ball is, that’s where I want to be.” It is completely against their way of thinking to move away from the ball, to spread out, or to “go wide.” Accordingly, let the kids play, “coaching” will be very limited. A lot of these players will be experiencing sports for the first time and need lots of praise and encouragement. Calling players by their names, clapping, smiling, and giving high fives and pats on the back are major parts of their experience.
Example coaching comments:

  • “Look around”; ‘Where’s the space?’
  • “Shoot! Score a lot of goals!”
  • “Try to win the ball; get the ball – and if the other team has the ball, ‘go get the ball’!”
  • “Good job; nice dribbling; nice pass; GOOOAAAL!”
  • “Which goal are you shooting on?”

-The game is often “one against the other team”. ‘The Beehive or swarm’. Coaches will let them run, chase, hunt the ball, kick it all over the place and probably act like a little kid. They’ll have fun with the kids!