CVYSA Return-to-Play

Date Posted: 6/2/2020

Unfortunately, the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) announced a few days ago that the spring NCYSA competitive seasons have been canceled. However, member associations have been cleared to resume training activities beginning on June 1st in accordance with NCYSA guidelines.

This document is intended to describe the activities CVYSA plans to resume and provide parents and players with information about how the programs will operate, as well as the steps being taken to get allow our players back on the field in a safe and healthy environment.

CVYSA is excited to announce our Summer Training Program (STP). Our return to activity will be in-house only which means we will not compete with other clubs at this time. We plan on running our STP from Monday June 1 to Thursday July 9. This is a 6-week program that will provide our players with competitive training and a chance to see their teammates on the soccer field again. Our players will have 3 opportunities to train each week during the 6-week program.  We are hopeful to start playing 7v7 in-house games once NC Phase 3 goes into effect. The STP will also serve in place of our normal spring tryouts which would have typically taken place over the course of 2 nights for each age group during the month of May.  A tryout period will be occurring concurrently with the STP in mid to late June.

There will be no charge for the STP; however, players will need to be registered by their parent/legal guardian electronically through their TeamSnap account using the following link:

Registration is necessary so that we are sure that all players and their parent/legal guardian(s) have reviewed the details of the return-to-play plan and the STP, and that they have electronically signed the CVYSA Parent and Player COVID-19 Return-to-Play Agreement and Consent Form and Assumption of Risk Statement.  Any questions regarding how to complete the registration process can be directed to Josh Alderson at

Additional details on the program are provided in the CVYSA Return-to-Play Plan/Summer Training Program.


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