Club Letter

Date Posted: 8/15/2017

Hello CVYSA familly,


It's that time again! I hope everyone has had a great summer but it's now time to kick off the 2017-18 Season and I wanted to pass along a few tidbits of information before things get cranked up.  I apologize in advance for the length but I a lot of topics to hit and a lot of important information to share so please take a few moments to read to the end. 


Team Camp

First of all, I just want to remind everyone that Team Camp starts tonight, Monday, August 7th and runs through Thursday night from 5:30 PM - 8 PM.  Friday night will serve as a rain make-up night if needed.  We can't wait to see everyone there! 



I also want to remind everyone who hasn't ordered their new uniform kit to do so ASAP if you are a fall season player.  If you haven't done this yet you are in jeopardy of not having a uniform in time for the start of fall season games.  Uniforms can be ordered online the the Soccer Shop in Winston Salem.  The website link is:



CVYSA is excited to announce that it will start using the TeamSnap app as a standard way to streamline communications between coaches, team managers, parents, and players.  TeamSnap is an industry leading communications platform for sports team management. Download the app today for your smartphone or tablet and await instructions from the CVYSA staff and your coach & team manager.  Communications is going to be a huge focus for our organization this year and we are excited to get started with TeamSnap!  Other communications improvements are forthcoming so stay tuned!


CVYSA Shop Days at Dick's Sporting Goods in Hickory

Dick's Sporting Goods will be offering CVYSA Shop Days on August 12 & 13.  On these days, CVYSA parents, players, coaches, friends, and family will get 20% off on almost everything in the store by using the coupon flyer found at  We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and support our local Dick's Sporting Goods store in Hickory.  Dick's Sporting Good has been a terrific partner and sponsor for CVYSA over the years and we want to show our appreciation to them by coming out in force on these two days.


Adult Soccer League

While we are still working out the details, CVYSA is hoping to offer co-ed, recreational adult league play later this fall!  So, it's time for all of you parents to start calling your friends and start getting in shape and be ready to hit the pitch!  Stay tuned for more details to come later this month!


Billing and Payments

Please make sure you keep your accounts paid up to date and take advantage of our automatic payment option.  We've had a significant number of past due accounts lately which results in a lot of unnecessary time and effort being spent tracking down player dues and concerns about cash flow.  As a result, CVYSA staff will be monitoring this situation much more aggressively in 2017-18.  While we do pay our coaching staff, CVYSA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that depends heavily on volunteers to run the business side of the club.  Payments for the 2017-18 season, regardless of whether or not a player plays in the fall, spring, or both, are typically made in 7 monthly payments starting on June 1 and concluding on December 1.  Failure to keep a player's account in good standing could result in the player's NCYSA player pass being pulled which would mean no participation.  If you would like to set up automatic payments with a credit or debit card, you can do so by logging into your account or you can contact the CVYSA Treasurer John Williams at  Please be advised that if you have set up automatic payments in the past, it does not carry over year to year so you will need to set it up again.  Also, if you would like to request to change your payment plan, you may submit your request to the CVYSA Treasurer at   


Financial Aid

Please be advised that all financial aid applications that were received by the June 30 deadline have been processed, applicants have been notified, and awarded accounts have been updated.  If you missed the application deadline but think you may need financial aid to participate, please contact Director of Coaching Jeff Schellenberger at about submitting an application as there may still be aid opportunities available.


Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in helping out with CVYSA as a volunteer, please let us know.  I know that there are lots of talented individuals sitting on the sidelines and we need your expertise and manpower!  The Board of Directors has several initiatives that we'd like to form committees on this year and we will definitely need your help to make them successful.  Some of the areas that these committees will cover include the Autumn Blast Tournament, Sponsorships/Fundraising, Concessions, IT/Website, and Communications.  Send me an email at to let me know what you are interested in.   


Fulfilling our Mission in 2017-18

In closing, as we kick-off the 2017-18 Season, I just want to take a moment to remind everyone, especially parents, what CVYSA is all about.  Our goal is not to go out and simply win soccer games.  Winning is great and everyone likes to win but that is not the primary goal of this organization.  Our purpose is to develop a player's soccer skills and abilities to help them be successful on the soccer field, but is also our purpose to use this sport to develop a young person's life skills by teaching teamwork and good sportsmanship.  We feel like if we are successful teaching these things, the positive game results will follow and we feel like our track record in this department reinforces our approach.  So, as it comes time to start playing games this fall, please remember what the greater purpose is and do your part as parents and supporters to reinforce these values.  


I especially want to stress this to our younger player's parents as it is sometimes easy to get caught up in competition in these early years of travel soccer, especially when the opposing team may not hold the same values and may not be pursuing the same goals.  Believe me, its easy to do and I was guilty of this too, but there's no league championship, no State Cup, no National Championship, etc. for Youth Academy, U11, or U12 age groups and your 7-12 year old is not going to make the US National Team just yet.  There's plenty of time for serious competition as our kids get older, and the most important thing for us to do for our younger kids is to help them develop the skills and tools they need to be successful when that time comes.  The last thing we want to do is put too much pressure on them to win as an 8 year old to the point that they lose interest in playing the game by the time they get to be 13.    


In Closing

If you've read this far, THANK YOU!  I look forward to seeing everyone out on the fields this year.


Joga Bonita! (That means "play beautifully" for those of you who don't speak Portuguese!)


Michael Poe

CVYSA President