Youth Academy & Junior Youth Academy

Youth Academy and Junior Academy programs have emerged as a 21st century alternative to the frustrating shortfalls in soccer development displayed by most pre-teens. This void is heavily influenced by coaching quality and the pressures to win at critical periods in the development process. Academy programs seek to improve individual player development, satisfaction and retention, and to build a less pressured youth soccer environment for coaches, adult spectators, and match officials. The instructors that run the CVYSA Youth Academy program have the National Youth License which is a coaching education certification focusing on age appropriate activities for children U6 to U12. The Youth Academy program is available for U-8, U-9, U-10, U-11, and U-12 players.

Academy Approach for Youth Soccer is Supported by:
United States Soccer Federation
 US Youth Soccer


“Too often in this country, youth coaches sacrifice learning skills for winning games… “ - Mia Hamm. Soccer America, Oct. 2006

1. Practice Times: Monday & Wednesday 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM.
 a. Players need to dress for the weather
 b. Bring a drink, water or Gatorade
 c. Properly inflated ball
 d. Positive attitude

2. Training: Technical (skill) development of the player: Dribbling and individual possession; Passing – using 4 different parts of foot inside, outside, laces & heal; Receiving, controlling air and ground balls with all parts of the body; Finishing & ways to score a goal;  Defending skills of tackling/applying pressure. General – just getting comfortable with the ball.

Tactical aspects covered: Defending - 1v1 defending and skills involved; understanding first defender (pressure) & second defender (support) roles.
Attacking – 1v1 & 2v1 attacking and skills involved; understanding first attacker (player with ball) and second attacker (supporting players close to teammate with ball) roles. Beginning to understand roles of teammates in games and basis of team shape (diamond and triangles)

These are our goals for our Youth Academy Players; however you must remember that each child still develops at his or her own pace. Some of these goals may not be achieved until they are older, when THEY are mentally or physically ready to comprehend the situation.

3. Game Days:
a. Almost every game day there will be two games consisting of 2 x 25 minute halves. IF this is the case, a team typically has an hour break in between game #1 & game #2. We have also done 3 straight 25 minute periods. Players are generally finished at the end of that game. SPECIFIC GAME TIMES for each game date are generally not set until the Wednesday prior to the GAME DATE.
b. Schedule is complete. However, there is the possibility of an additional play date or rain outs..
c. NCYSA Youth Academy Showcase, CVYSA Autumn Blast & the CommScope Cup Tournament are optional events, with additional fees.
d. Parent comments: Please refrain from telling the players what to do. Leave that for the coaches. Players Play, Coaches Coach, Parents Watch.

4. Junior Youth Academy Game: Their games will be in house only. The children will play 4 vs.4.  

5. Weekly Program Updates: A short email discussing the weekly training plan, coaching assignments and game schedule will be shared on Mondays.

6. Evaluation of Players: End of Season. This will be a brief evaluation of the players’ progress. Every player develops at his or her own pace regardless of their age. Evaluations will be based on skill, coach - ability and attitude. Coaches will also make comments to players throughout training and games.

7. Feedback: We want to know what you think of the program. If you like something, let us know why and if you don’t like something let us know why. Please email Godwin Iwelumo: or talk to Head Coach before or after training.  Give Coach 24 hours before discussing if its something concerning a match.