Olympic Development Program

The Olympic Development Program is designed to identify, train and promote players in the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) club system to represent the state of North Carolina. It is also know by the names NC State Team, NC Olympic Development Team or ODP. The program is open to all U-11 to U-18 NCYSA players in good standing. Each player goes through a series of tryouts - at anytime a player can be released during the tryouts.

ODP is the starting point for a player to matriculate to the National Team and it starts at the state level. The teams are formed based on the calendar year in which the player was born. This differs from the age grouping of CVYSA teams which goes from August 1st through July 31st. Once the State Team is formed, they will then train 4-8 times, often participating in culminating events where they may scrimmage other State Teams or travel abroad to foreign countries to participate in tournaments. Next, the NC State team then attends Region Camp in Alabama. At Region Camp, the NC State Team is trained by a Region Coach and the team plays against other State Teams. After the 5 day process is over, the Region Staff then selects a Region Pool of players from all the participating States – this pool may consist of as many players as the Staff deems necessary. This Region Pool then remains at camp for another 4-5 days and continues to train. The Region Coaches then select the top players to attend the National Camp. All four regions send their selected players to the National Camp. These players are now on the National Pool team (consisting of State Players, Regional Players, and National Players). The National Pool then trains – either in Florida, Colorado, or Arizona. The National Pool then trims their roster down and begins to participate in annual events i.e. Under 18 World Championship Cup, friendly matches with other countries, etc.

Therefore, the U.S. National does have a feeder system: the State ODP teams, not to be confused with the high school program. High schools conduct their nominations for the State Games or they have designations for the All-State Team. This is completely separate and independent of the Olympic Development Program.

To prepare the players to participate in the ODP tryout process, NCYSA has created the ‘Centers’ Program. The Centers Program is designed to familiarize the players of the types of activities they will need to be able to perform during their tryout at the ODP level. The Centers Program also allows the parents and players to become familiar with the NCYSA State Coaching Staff.

For more information about ODP, visit NCYSA Website!