CVYSA offers participation in the NCYSA THIRD DIVISION program recently started by NCYSA.  This is a hybrid program that allows both registered Challenge and Classic teams to participate in the same competition. The goal of its creation was to provide a place Classic level teams who were not quite ready for Classic Division 2 competition.  This level of play is for the players whose skills have advanced beyond the Youth Academy and recreational phase.  These players are looking to develop individual and team skills and to play against players with similar goals. Ages for 3rd Division are 11U - 14U. THIRD DIVISION level players often advance into Classic Two level play. CVYSA does not compromise on the coaching for THIRD DIVISION teams. These teams have the same level of highly experienced coaches as do the Classic teams.


Third Division Fees

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Every year CVYSA awards scholarships to players that need financial assistance. A simple application is completed by the family and then it is reviewed by the scholarship committee. CVYSA is dedicated to the principle that no one should be excluded from play due to financial restrictions.

Financial Assistance Application in English

Solicitud de ayuda Financiera