Thank you for participating in the 2023 Autumn Blast Tournament. We extend our gratitude to everyone who joined us and contributed to a fantastic and enjoyable event!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the dedicated staff, volunteers, referees, assignors, players, coaches, team managers, parents, and supporters, whose combined efforts were instrumental in making this event an enormous success.

We would also like to express our appreciation to our sponsors:

Emerge Ortho  whose support greatly benefited the players during the event.

Sunrise Camping Center  for their generous donation of golf carts for the occasion.

Our Vendors:

Blue Moose Lodge

Lost Highway Pizza Food Truck

Fine Design T-Shirts

Gene Leatherman Photography (you can still order pictures

Lastly, a special thank you goes to the City of Hickory and their Parks and Recreational department and Field Staff  for their assistance leading up to the tournament, preparing everything, and ensuring smooth operations throughout the weekend.

Final Results (We have posted some pictures of these on our facebook page)


U9 PREMIER Champions-CVYSA Man UTD   Finalist San Rafael
U9 CHAMPIONSHIP- Champions CVYSA Liverpool Finalist CSRA Rush
U10 PREMIER-Champions CVYSA Man City Finalist TSC White
U11 PREMIER-Champions San Rafael Finalist CVYSA Blue
U11 CHAMPIONSHIP-Champions-NCFCY Finalist FMU Green
U12 PREMIER-Champions Charlotte Metro FC Finalist CVYSA Blue
U12 CHAMPIONSHIP-Champions TSC Finalist Land Utd
U12 FIRST DIVISION-Champions CMSC Finalist FMU Green
U13 PREMIER-Champions CVYSA Blue Finalist FMU Navy
U13 CHAMPIONSHIP-Champions LASA Utd Finalist CVYSA White
U14 CHAMPIONSHIP-Champions FMU Navy Finalist CVYSA White
U14/U15 PREMIER-Champions-CVYSA Blue Finalist Sporting Charlotte


U10 PREMIER- Champions-FMU Navy Finalist CVYSA Chelsea
U11 PREMIER-Champions YCVSC Finalist CEFC
U12 PREMIER-Champions CVFC Finalist Charlotte Metro
U12 CHAMPIONSHIP-Champions FMU Finalist Charlotte Metro
U13 PREMIER-Champions CVYSA Blue Finalist PRAA
U14 PREMIER-Champions GCCSA Finalist CVYSA Blue
U15 PREMIER-Champions CEFC Finalist FMU Navy
U16/17 PREMIER-Champions CRFC Finalist Athletes Lab