Register For our Spring 2018: OPENING SOON

Date Posted: 8/31/2017



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Fall Co-Ed Champs

Fall 2017 Men's Open Champs





Hello All,

Our spring registration is coming soon for the adult league.

This league will be the only sanctioned adult league in the Unifour Area. When I say sanctioned, this means it will be run with the assistance of the North Carolina Adult Soccer Association (NCASA /


The benefits of running the league with NCASA is it gives the league credibility, it provides insurance to the club members who administer the league and to the City of Hickory and it provides supplemental insurance to all the participants / players of the league. Plus info on other state adult league events.

We are going to offer 3 types of leagues to start. A Men's Open, a Women's Open and a Coed Recreation League. Games for the league will be: Men's Open, on Sundays; Women's Open Friday night or Sundays and the COED Rec League will be Friday night with an occassional Sunday afternoon game. League participants will need to be out of high school and at least 18 years of age. All abilites are welcome, especially in the Coed Rec league. Players can play for an Open Team (Roster Size = 12) and also for a Coed Rec Team (Roster Size = 15). You can not play for two teams in any division (Open or Rec). The majority of the CVYSA coaching staff will be playing, even this old guy will lace up the boots for the COED Rec League!

We hope you will join us in what ever league you think will give you the best fulfilment / fun! The fall season will end in early May for an 8 week / game season.

The registration fee total is $95. $30 goes to the annual NCASA fee. CVYSA adult player registration is $65. The CVYSA fee covers the ref, a game jersey, admin costs and facility fees. If you played in our Fall adult season, the fee would only be $65.

Get your teams organized and start juggling. Maybe your younger soccer player can help you prepare! We hope to start play mid February.

For additional questions, contact DOC@CVYSA.ORG


PLEASE SHARE, this is open to anyone in the Unifour Area.

Thank You.