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Juggling Club

CVYSA has a juggling club to encourage all of our members to be better soccer players by having better ball control. After we announced the club in December, during the 2013 winter training sesions, within a week we had our first ’50 Club’ Members! 

How do you joing the CVYSA Juggling Club? It's easy! Just follow these simple rules:

  1. No bounces, no hands! Players must start with lift from ground with foot. 
  2. Players can use all surfaces to juggle… feet, thighs, head... 
  3. Juggling confirmation can be done by:
    • By Video - Have a parent or friend shoot a video of you performing your juggles and send the video or a link to your video to
    • Show Your Coach - Perform your juggles in front of your coach or any other CVYSA Coach. The coach will verify and report to CVYSA Juggling Club. 


CVYSA Autumn Blast Bag Tag for Juggling Club

Enjoy the challenge of working to fit in one of the following categories for recognition on the CVYSA Website and Blast gear rewards:

  • 50 Juggles: BLUE CVYSA Tee shirt & Website recognition
  • 150 Juggles: PUMA Soccer Ball & Website recognition
  • 250 Juggles: PUMA Long Sleeve Tee & Website recognition
  • 500 Juggles: CVYSA PUMA Hoodie & Induction to Blast Juggling Hall of Fame on Website.

Use your Autumn Blast Bag Tag to Keep track of your Juggling accomplishments.



2014 Juggling Club Members

The very first player to reach at least 50 juggles is a member of our U11 Girls Team, Alexis Wolgemuth. The second player (and first boy) to reach at least 50 juggles is a member of our U14 Boys team, Josh Arditti. Congratulations to both players!

We're also proud to announce the following new CVYSA Juggling Club Members:

Player Age / Group Juggles CLUB Member Notes
Alexis Wolgemuth U11 G 51 50

1st Girl to 50 Club

Josh Arditti U14 B 51 50

1st Boy to 50 Club

Carson Hart U16 B 73 50  
Anthony Fonnesu U16 B 67 50  
Luke Barkley U17 B 63 50  
Jake Schellenberger U16 B 77 50  
Abby Walker U13 G 270 50, 150, 250  
Jessie Lafrancis U13 G 288 50, 150, 250  
Caroline Moore U13 G 52 50  
Caroline Beane U14 G 209 50, 150  
Francis Lauzier U14 B 333 50, 150, 250 1st player in 250 Club

Kirsten Burton

U14 G 295 50, 150, 250  

Maggie Chang

U14 G 120 50  

Katie Tice

U14 G 76 50  

Patricia Summers

U14 G 62 50  

Elbert Hang

U16 B 766 50, 150, 250, 500 1st player in 500+ Club


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