The Catawba Valley Youth Soccer Association (CVYSA) supports youth soccer that is governed by a sense of fair play and sportsmanship. Our opponents are to be treated with respect at all times. Discrimination based on race, color, religion, or gender will not be tolerated. Violent and/or dangerous actions by coaches, players, parents, and spectators will not be tolerated.

Each person associated with CVYSA is responsible for their own behavior. Parents should be aware that children tend to mimic adult behavior. Coaches or their designated representatives are responsible for their team, parents, and spectators and for modeling positive, responsible behavior. Positive support for the team and staff is expected.

As you travel, you are a representative of CVYSA. Our parents, players, coaches, and spectators are expected to act appropriately at all times. We have a reputation to uphold and therefore, be mindful that negative details of a team’s conduct travels much further than positive details (this would include rowdy behavior, vandalism and profanity or other verbal comments).

In the interest of preserving and enhancing health, CVYSA does not allow the possession, sale or use of any alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or tobacco products by a player while in any CVYSA activity. Any player found to be in violation will face severe consequences which may include suspension or expulsion from CVYSA.

CVYSA supports game officials. They are sometimes faced with difficult decisions that may be unpopular with one or both teams. CVYSA coaches complete a referee evaluation form following each match. This is the time for complaints as well as positive comments. Verbal abuse towards officials by players, coaches, parents or spectators could result in said individual(s) being asked to leave the playing area (a coach may also be dismissed for poor behavior by the spectators). Referees also have the authority to suspend play if a coach does not control his team or spectators. Therefore, positive, supportive encouragement is vital to the team’s well being.

The North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) publishes guidelines that set a minimum standard of discipline expected of players, coaches, parents and spectators. The CVYSA Code of Conduct is an extension of those guidelines.

Players receiving a red card will be ejected from the game immediately and must not participate in his/her team’s next match. The Director of Coaching reserves the right to suspend the player for additional games, above and beyond the required punishment (i.e. if a player receives a red card for fighting or received a red card for dissent to an official, he/she may receive an additional suspension to be determined by the Director of Coaching). Repeat offenders could face further sanctions as determined by an inquiry of the CVYSA Board or the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association.
Ejections for fighting or foul and abusive language:

If the red card or second yellow card is definitely warranted, the CVYSA player will sit out the remainder of that game, the next scheduled game and additional scheduled game(s). The NCYSA rules require that a player sit out only one additional game. Based on previous card history or the action taken by the player, the Director of Coaching may decide to extend the number of games that the player sits out.

If the yellow card is definitely warranted, the CVYSA player will sit out the rest of that game. If the card is issued in the second half of a game, then the player must sit out the first half of the next scheduled game. In the event that the player continues to receive cautions for dissent, the Director of Coaching may elect to suspend the player for additional games.

Note: In both of the above situations, the word “warranted” is used. This allows the Director of Coaching to use his or her discretion and make his or her own judgment as to the appropriateness of the call. This option must be exercised very carefully and is not intended to keep a player off the field for the minimum amount of time.

Coaches, players or spectators who are told to leave the playing area must do so immediately (i.e. must be out of sight and sound of game officials). He or she will be banned from attending games for at least one week if the Director of Coaching deems it appropriate. The Director of Coaching may also recommend further sanctions at an inquiry of the CVYSA Board of Directors.

Parents who agree to their child playing with CVYSA, and players who agree to play soccer for CVYSA accept the rules and regulations as stated above and agree that all actions must lead to the successful fulfillment of these objectives.  Remember that the players, coaches and referees will make mistakes, but the games are merely games that our children are playing for enjoyment and to learn the game of soccer. We can still be competitive without crossing the line of decent behavior. We must not lose sight of the fact that our children will follow our example and we should act accordingly.

Revised 06/04/13